Below are the sizing measurements for our products. We recommend that you measure the size of your dog's neck before purchasing in order to guarantee the right fit. If you have questions about sizing, please contact us at 

Collar size is the circumference around your dog's neck in inches:

        Soho Collection Adjustable Collar:

X-Small: Fits a 7"-11" neck, 1/2" wide
Small: Fits a 10"-15" neck, 1/2" wide
Medium: Fits a 12"-19" neck, 3/4" wide
Large / X-Large: Fits a 15"-24" neck, 1" wide

Clinton Hill and Montauk Collection Leather Trim Collar:

X-Small: Fits a 7"-11" neck, 1/2" wide
Small: Fits a 10"-15" neck, 1/2" wide
Medium: Fits a 14"-18" neck, 3/4" wide
Large: Fits a 15"-19" neck, 1" wide

Reversible Bandana size is the circumference around your dog's neck in inches:

X-Small: Fits a 7"-11" neck
Small: Fits a 10"-15" neck
Medium: Fits a 12"-19" neck
Large / X-Large: Fits a 15"-24" neck

Leash size:

X-Small / Small: 5' standard length, 1/2" wide (up to 20 lbs)
Medium: 5' standard length, 3/4" wide (up to 40 lbs)
Large: 5' standard length, 1" wide (up to 90 lbs)